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LCBS Annual Exhibit

at the SW LA Garden Fest

27-28 March 2010

Prostrata Juniper Cascade by Greg LeBlanc


Siberian Elm by Alan Walker                  Green Mound Juniper by Don Pearson


Catlin Elm by Marvin Ettinger                Cedar Elm by Marvin Ettinger


Schefflera by Alan Walker


Schefflera by Lisa Corley                        Bucida Spinosa by Lisa Corley


Bald Cypress by Craig McCune    Bald Cypress by Greg LeBlanc


Catlin Elm by Alan Walker    Cedar Elm by Alan Walker


Chinese Elm by Alan Walker        Ficus neriifolia by Alan Walker


Green Island Ficus by Dennis Corley    Horseflesh Mahogany by Dennis Corley


General Exhibit Views


Greg LeBlanc & Black Bayou Bonsai





SW Louisiana Garden Fest 2010


LCBS Annual Exhibit

at the SW LA Garden Fest

28-29 March 2009

  Cemetery Juniper, Juniperus procumbens   Greg LeBlanc

      Satsuki Azalea, Rhododendron indicum   Jimmy McPayne

   Siberian Elm, Ulmus pumilla    Alan Walker


    Catlin Elm, Ulmus parvifolia 'Catlini' Marvin Ettinger


   Narrow Leaf Fig, Ficus Neriifolia    Jimmy McPayne


   Cedar Elm, Ulmus crassifolia    Alan Walker


Bald Cypress, Taxodium distichum    Alan Walker

Black Olive, Bucida spinosa    Lisa Corley

Catlin Elm, Ulmus parvifolia var. Catlini    Alan Walker

Shohin Bonsai

Shimpaku Juniper Juniperus chinensis Sargentii    Alan Walker

Cedar Elm  Ulmus crassifolia    Alan Walker


Narrow Leaf Fig, Ficus neriifolia    Clark Long

Narrow Leaf Fig, Ficus Neriifolia    Alan Walker

Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum    Alan Walker

Yaupon Holly, Ilex vomitoria nana    Don Pearson

Rose, Rosa chinensis    Greg LeBlanc

Fukian Tea, Carmona microphyla    Jimmy McPayne

Jade, Portulacaria afra    Alan Walker

General Exhibit View

General Exhibit View

Pictures from the 2008 Bonsai Exhibit

at the SW LA Garden Festival



Exhibit Bonsai

Bald Cypress, Alan Walker


Fukien Tea, Jimmy McPayne


Shimpaku Juniper, Alan Walker


Shohin Bonsai


Satsuki Azalea,  Jimmy McPayne


Ficus Neriifolia, Alan Walker 


Yaupon Holly, Marvin Ettinger


Red Swamp Maple, Greg LeBlanc


Catlin Elm, Marvin Ettinger


Trident Maple, Jimmy McPayne


Trident Maple, Alan Walker


Yaupon Holly, Alan Walker


Schefflera, Alan Walker

Cedar Elm, Alan  Walker   

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